With the kids out of school, longer daylight hours and our excellent southern California weather, summer is a very popular time of the year to move. If you’re planning to change homes during the summer season, these tips may make everything go smoothly

Pick the right time For all the reasons listed above, summer can actually be the worst time of the year to move and scheduling can be difficult. Try to schedule your movers at least six to eight weeks out and try not to move during major holidays, such as the Fourth of July or any weekend at the beginning or end of the month. Ask the moving company when its least busy days and times are, so you can schedule then.

Pack gradually Box up your possessions a little at a time over several weeks rather than all at once and try to do this during the coolest times of the day.

Pack according to the temperature Depending on how far you move, your possessions could be subjected to temperature extremes for hours or days at a time. Don’t put anything in the moving van that could possibly be damaged buy heat, such as candles, vinyl records, CDs or electronic devices and food – even food in cans and jars go bad if overheated.

Keep cool Protect yourself and your family from the heat if you’re physically involved with the move. Stay properly hydrated, apply sunscreen and wear a hat and comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Have many flats of water on hand. If you’ll be in your car for a long period of time, bring plenty of drinks and snacks and don’t forget to provide water for your pets as well. Start moving as early as possible to avoid the heat. If you’re hiring professionals, offer them water or other cold drinks throughout the day.

Watch the utilities If you’re able to, turn the A/C on in your new home a few hours before you arrive to cool it down, and plug in your fridge as soon as possible. The cooler air will certainly help you and your moving crew feel more comfortable but do prepare for a spike in utility costs on that day since your HVAC will be working overtime.

If you want more information about the logistics of moving to one of our communities, we’d be happy to answer any questions. If you are continuing your search for a new home, please know Cornerstone Communities is still building homes throughout the county of San Diego and Temecula. To see our homes, we are offering virtual tours on our website, you can chat with us online or we can schedule a private in-person appointment with you.