The Sweet Smell of Home

One of the first senses to be alerted upon arrival into a new place is scent. Consider how pleasant it is to enter someone’s house and you are immediately greeted with lovely aromas like citrus or florals. Along with scenting a room with favorable smells, it’s also important to avoid offensive ones. If you’d like to have a sweet-smelling home, try some of these scent-sational ideas!

Fresh flowers and leaves. Maintain a regular supply of scent heavy flowers and leaves like roses, lilies, gardenias, eucalyptus, etc. and display them throughout your home. You can either purchase them, or even better, grow them in your own garden.

Deodorizers. These are available for a few different areas of your home…including the garbage disposal, fabrics and carpets. Using deodorizers regularly helps neutralize smells, especially if there are pets in the house.

Air fresheners. Available in many types of form, you can scatter these throughout your home. They can be hidden or in plain sight as some are also decorative. Options include ones you can plug in the wall as well. Keep in mind they all have a lifecycle, so change them out regularly.

Open the windows. Nothing beats fresh air. It not just brings in the good, but it also blows out the bad, like last night’s burnt pizza.

Diffusers. For a more subtle and consistent scent, employ a diffuser either discreetly or in a common area. Because they use essential oils, you can change the scent to whatever you want or are in the mood for.

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