Creative Thanksgiving Ideas To Consider This Year

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and this year we have an entire new list to be thankful for – and also a list of what we wish we could change. Your typical T-day in the past may have been full of friends, family, food and fun. This year may feel different, but there are ways to still experience gratitude and joy – and eat the best food! – with fewer people and different surroundings.

Keep it Small Even though there may be fewer people around the table, you can still revel in the day’s festivities, enjoy a delicious meal and be thankful for good health and happiness. Invite the people in your life who mean the most to you and let them know early about your plans. The bright side of a smaller gathering? Fewer dishes to clean!

Be Flexible You and your guests may take the utmost caution prior to coming over, but the uncertainty of the time means that one or more of you may have to bow out at the last minute. This can be stressful for a lot of reasons, so don’t have solid plans that can’t be tweaked at the last minute.

Embrace the Outdoors Luckily in Southern California this is easier to do than in other areas of the country. Invest or rent a large table and some outdoor heaters and set up your dining table on the patio or back yard. Fresh air is always the best air when there are more people around.

Meet Virtually With all these changes you may have to accept that certain traditions or visits just won’t happen. If you’re really struggling with the absence of certain people at your gathering, include them in the day via video conferencing. If there was ever a time to embrace technology this is it!

Order In Since you may have some restrictions on how many people you can have in your house at one time, preparing a large meal by yourself may be more work than you’d like to take on. Consider ordering a prepared meal from a local restaurant or market. You’ll take the cooking burden off yourself while helping a local business.

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