Once you move into your new home, the next step in your nesting plan may be to get a dog – or another dog! But perhaps you want to see what this type of commitment will look like for you and your family. One way to tread the pet waters is to become a pet foster family. Here are some perks you might receive from this temporary, but loving, relationship.

A new BFF for your current pet. If you feel like your current dog may be a little lonely or needs a playmate, a foster dog may be the answer! This is a good way to see if a second pet in the home is really what your current animal (and you!) wants or needs.

It makes your heart happy. The most meaningful benefit received for fostering a dog in need is quite obvious really – you’re giving a needy pet a loving home. Your dog may have come from an unhappy environment, so you’re bringing new light and love to his or her life. This is an emotional reward for all.

It sets a good example. Fostering a pet teaches your children that opening your home and heart is a good thing. It shows them how to make generous, selfless, choices that benefit others first. They will learn how to take care of another being and to learn responsibility.

Prepping for a long-term pet. As we mentioned, if getting a pet is a consideration, a foster pet will help you decide if this is the path you are ready to take. For example, you’ll know how much time you’ll need to commit, what type of dog you would prefer, how your family is going to adjust, etc.

Your foster could become The One! Once you’ve welcome this new little (or big!) fur baby into your home, it could be love at first sight and harder to say goodbye than you think. Once the foster commitment has come to an end, you may want to make this a permanent relationship!

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