Once you’re in the market for a new house, you start to realize there are so many choices and decisions to be made. One of the biggest determinations is whether to purchase a brand new home or a previously owned home. We’re here to tell you why a new home might just be the way to go.

Less Maintenance Just think about it. Everything. Is. New. From the carpet to the appliances to the fixtures, there is nothing that isn’t sparkling clean and shiny. This means you can spend your energy and dollars elsewhere (like decorating!) instead of at the repair shop or calling people in to fix things.

More Energy Efficient Homes that were built decades ago, unless they were upgraded along the line, are not outfitted in the same energy-efficient way new homes are built today. Rules and codes have changed a lot, so what is included in new construction was not standard even a short time ago. Appliances, windows, water systems and air conditioners are just a few of the items in your new home you’ll find are way more efficient than they were in the past. And you will save money as a result.

Flexibility Many new homes have options you can select at the time of purchase. Need a loft instead of all bedrooms? Do you require parking for more than two cars? Many home builders can provide you with different layouts to a particular house plan that give you the flexibility to meet your lifestyle.

Modern Living Current housing layouts tend to focus more on what today’s families need, like open floor plans, great rooms, kitchen islands and great outdoor living areas. In older homes, you may be faced with more traditional layouts that don’t always fit the more popular features now available. While you can always renovate an older home’s layout, a new home is ready on the very first day of occupancy.

Sense of Community When you move into a brand new community, everyone around you is in the same boat, which makes meeting your new neighbors really easy! You will see these people in the sales offices, excitedly wandering around their newly developed lots and maybe even moving in on the same day. Many long-lasting friendships can be formed based on this very exciting common activity.

Since purchasing a home is such a huge decision, being informed is paramount to making the right move for you and your family. Always consider the pros and cons of every choice, but we’re confident, you’ll love the idea of new, untouched home just ready for your personal touch. Come visit the many homes Cornerstone Communities has available throughout Southern California. You can see them all at our website and even better you can tour many of them every day of the week.