Many people this year had to put their travel plans on hold. We love the comfort our home provides, but it’s always nice to get away to a place we’ve never been or to revisit favorite travel haunts with a reinvented trip. So, we’re here to help you journey around the globe without going too far from home. It may require an internet connection and a little imagination, but you’ll get to experience some of the joy exploration brings!

  1. Visit virtual locations. Some of the world’s most incredible museums and art galleries like The British Museum in London and Rome’s Vatican Museums are just a click away. Tour the rooms of the masters and interesting times of history.
  2. Watch travel movies. Throw on your comfiest long-haul clothing and prepare your favorite buttery snack. Did you miss a trip to Italy? Watch “Under the Tuscan Sun.” Was your trip to Greece postponed? Pop in “Mama Mia.” If your trip to India turned into a travel voucher, stream “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”
  3. Pin it. Travel will be back eventually, so be prepared for your next adventure by pinning your favorite destinations to a Pinterest bulletin board. Before you know it, your dream pins will become actual experiences!
  4. Read all about it. If you already know where you’re headed when the green light says go, buy travel books about your next destination and learn everything you can about it now. Then when it’s time, you’ll be an expert and know exactly where and when you want to go and what to do when you get there.
  5. Travel with food. Either learn to prepare ethnic foods from locations you can’t wait to see in person, or get recommendations for eateries specializing in cultural cuisine.
  6. Learn the language. Now that you have lots of time, learn key phrases in the language of your next country you plan to visit. Better yet, take an online or streaming interactive course.

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