You may already be in a home or you’re purchasing a new one. Either way, knowing what upgrades to invest in – and avoid! – can help you if you ever choose to sell your home. This list will help you decide if your time, energy and money are worth the investment.


Energy savers – Go ahead and replace the windows, upgrade the water tank and select new energy saving appliances (if you plan to sell them with the house). Today’s buyers are very interested in ways they can save money and also do good for the environment.

Upgrade the electrical – Like a nice hotel room, having extra outlets and built-in USB plugs can make a weary traveler smile. The same holds true for homeowners. Being able to plug in your devices in convenient locations throughout the house without searching high and low for a charger is a beneficial (and relatively inexpensive) upgrade.

Kitchens – If you have a good budget to spend on your reno, start in the heart of the home – the kitchen. Consider the cabinets, the appliances, the flooring and the fixtures. And if space permits, a kitchen island – the hub of the room – is a fabulous investment. The kitchen island welcomes your family and guests to sit, eat, drink, study and relax. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s typically stuffed with storage options!


Extensive landscaping – While beautiful to look at, home buyers aren’t typically going to pay extra for fountains, fish ponds and perfectly manicured flower beds. Some buyers may admire the beauty but be fearful of the work.

Large, fancy decks – They’re great for entertaining, but the demand is not as high as perhaps a new, upgraded kitchen or master bathroom. Better to sink your dollars elsewhere.

DIY fails – You may be proud of the tile work you did around the fireplace, but did you really do a good enough job? A new homebuyer may not appreciate your many trips to the hardware store and your hours of YouTube time. If your project is strictly for a resale upgrade, you might want to shop around and have your project done professionally.

If you’re buying a brand new home, try to work these beneficial upgrades into your purchase if they’re available. If you’re trying to sell your current home quickly (so you can move into a new Cornerstone Communities house!) consider this list as a place to start preparing for the sales process. Visit our models to see the upgrades we’ve included along with others you can add once you pick your new dream home.