Valentine’s Day Activities to Do as a Couple or a Family

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t always have to come from a store. In fact, some of the most wonderful gifts to give and receive are experiences and activities. Instead of providing instant gratification, they produce long memories and enjoyable moments. These romantic and love inspired ideas may be just what the heart ordered!

Cook a meal together. If this is a family activity, assign one dish or part of the meal to each member of the family and have them take total control of the shopping, prep, cooking and serving of the dish. One person can be in charge of appetizers; one can make drinks, one can prepare dessert, etc. Set a beautiful table with lacy doilies, heart cut outs and, of course, fresh flowers. Dress up for the occasion.

See something. There are so many wonderful museums, shows and events right here in San Diego. Plan ahead and purchase tickets for everyone to see something special or unusual. Take pictures on your way out the door and at the venue and review the activity with each other when you’re done.

Go stargazing. Scope out in advance a dark region in San Diego – perhaps a desert area or remote beach with little ambient light. Download a stargazing app, pack a telescope if you have one, a blanket, chairs and wear toasty warm clothes because SoCal winter nights are chilly. Once you find the perfect spot, lean back in your chairs and admire the night sky. Use your app to look for planets, constellations, satellites and maybe even the space station!

Exchange love letters. Provide pens and pretty paper to everyone in your house and have each member of the family write a love letter to everyone else. You can either set ground rules that they’re private, to be shared, be serious or funny. You’ll love getting “mail” from each other to read sweet words about your relationships. Tuck them away after to read on another day as well.

Throw a wine and cheese party. Forget about cooking a traditional meal and create charcuterie boards with your kids or partner. Invest in yummy cheeses and gourmet cured meats. Watch some videos on creating beautiful displays of nuts and fruits to go along with it. Next have everyone dress up and enjoy your feast as though you’re at an elegant gathering! Serve wine and champagne for the adults and sparkling water and juice for the younger set. Top the night with a decadent dessert like chocolate dipped strawberries or red velvet cake.

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