Water Fun in the Back Yard to Cool Your Kids Down

Summers in Southern California can be hot, but don’t fret if you don’t have an inground pool! There are lots of fun ways to beat the heat in the backyard. Splash around with these “cool” ideas!

Little pool. Small back yard pools have come a long way. In fact, some aren’t so small anymore. From baby pools that are just a few inches deep to fully inflatable pools that even come with water circulators, there’s one for all budgets and nearly all sized yards.

Sprinklers. This inexpensive and easy cooldown is available at your local garden center or hardware store. There are quite a few options, but always a hit is the old-fashioned oscillating style where kids can jump and play for hours.

Splash pads. These are just what they sound like! You hook them up to your garden hose and let the fun begin! You can purchase elaborate ones, but if you’re a bit handy they are also an easy DIY. Just look up some ideas online and you’ll be charging the neighbors admission to your own back yard!

Super soakers. Gone are the days of the tiny plastic water gun. If you really want to get in the game, purchase some super soakers for an all-out competitive extravaganza. Set the ground rules – like no one goes in the house – and let the kids run and try to get each other as wet as they can!

Water slips and slides. Of course there’s always the standard slip and slide, but these have also been updated with versions that are inflatable and for more than one person. Look online or at local store that sells summer toys for a good selection.

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