On November 13, we celebrate World Kindness Day – a day of the year when we should be even kinder to the world, strangers, loved ones and our community. While the hope is to make kindness the norm of everyday life, there’s nothing wrong with raising the bar on this very special day. Use this list to inspire some random acts of kindness throughout the day and beyond!

Write a hand-written note to a teacher. Many teachers love to know what they are doing is truly meaningful to their students and their students’ families. Before school, write a little note to your child’s teacher to tell them just how much you appreciate her or him. Even better have the note come from the entire family!

Elevator talk. Instead of standing around in awkward silence, simply say hello to the person next to you in the elevator.

Pick up litter. If you go for a daily hike, walk your dog or accompany your kids to school, bring a plastic bag and some gloves to pick up litter along the way.

Be uplifting. Place random, anonymous and inspiring notes in library books, locker doors, on restroom mirrors or on your child or colleagues’ computer screens.

Be socially sweet. Dedicate your social media posts to being kind or spreading positive messages and memes.

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