Alternative Wrapping Paper Ideas

Whether you’re tired of the hum drum generic paper rolls that come from the store or you’re trying to do your part for the environment by saving on all the paper mess, we’ve curated a list of creative wrapping vessels for all your gift giving. And in some cases, the wrapping can be the actual gift too!

Present a pillowcase. This is a fun way to wrap something awkwardly shaped like a big toy. You can customize the case to complement the gift inside for an extra sweet surprise. Add a drawstring to the hem or simply tie it off with a big bow to keep from peeking.

Newspaper. Since this medium is certainly not as readily available as it used to be, it can almost be considered a novelty! Wrap up a favorite book or collection of books with newspaper and tie it all up with a bright ribbon for an extra pop of color that complements the black and white background.

Maps. If your gift has a travel theme or your giftee is a travel buff what better way to wrap their gift than in a map! And instead of a bow you can tape or tie on a small vehicle like a little car or plane to the top instead of a traditional bow.

Shopping bags. Nearly every store has its own branded shopping bag whether cloth or paper. Wrap up their gift in the bag as a clue as to what is inside and, perhaps, where it came from. If it’s a paper bag, you can cut it strategically giving just enough subtle clues as you’d like.

Plain paper. From butcher paper to plain paper bags, there is something to be said about the simplicity of this type of wrapping paper. You can either customize it by drawing or decorating it with paints, markers or colored pencils or use twine and natural items like pinecones or holly leaves to dress it up.

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