New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for adults. It’s also a time where kids can reflect and look for ways to improve throughout the year. In fact your lists may be similar, but with a more kid-friendly focus. This January why not sit down with your children, listen and write down their hopes and dreams for 2023. If they get stuck, you can suggest some of these general yet achievable goals. Everyone wins!

Swap high tech for low tech. Ask your kids to consider putting down their devices for a few hours each day. Suggest some options for them to do instead like flipping through an age-appropriate magazine, crafting or reading a book. It should be a fun alternative that they look forward to. You could even visit the library together once a month.

Get moving. Set an exercise or movement goal adding some extra physical activity to each day. This can be taking a walk together, walking the dog or riding their bike. Let them tell you what they would like to do to be more active and then help them achieve it.

Be a good neighbor. Ask your children how they could help out in their neighborhood once a week or once a month. This activity could be spending an hour cleaning up any trash they see in the street or volunteering with you in the community. Even if your kids are small, there are lots of opportunities to help out from planting a tree to donating their rarely-played-with toys.

Work hard at school – academically and socially. This is a two-pronged goal. Ask your kids if they need any resources to help them do well in school. And also encourage them to help and be nice to others. If they see one of their friends struggling, teach your children empathy, so they can reach out and lend a hand to those who may need a friend or study help.

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