Tech-Savvy Comfort in Your Guest Room

It seems like technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, including our homes. If you’re looking to enhance your guest room and make your visitors’ stay more comfortable, try incorporating some smart technology. From entertainment to ambiance here are several ways you can use technology to transform your guest room into a modern haven – and with the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time for an upgrade!

Smart lighting. One of the most straightforward ways to add a touch of technology to your guest room is through smart lighting. Smart bulbs or smart plugs can be controlled via a smartphone or voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This allows your guests to adjust the lighting to their preferred ambiance or schedule automated lighting routines for a comfortable, homey feel.

Voice assistants. Integrating a voice assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home in the guest room can provide your visitors with easy access to information, music and even room automation. Guests can check the weather, set alarms or play their favorite music with simple voice commands.

Smart speakers. Consider placing a smart speaker in your guest room for music enthusiasts. Many devices on the market offer high-quality audio, giving your guests a chance to enjoy their favorite tunes via Bluetooth connectivity and voice control.

Streaming TV. Provide your guests with access to streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video through a smart TV or a streaming device like Apple TV or Roku. This way, they can enjoy their favorite shows and movies in the comfort of their guest room. You can also include a universal remote or instructions for easy navigation.

Wi-Fi. A strong and reliable connection is a must. Ensure your guest room has access to a fast and stable internet connection. If needed, place an extender or mesh system in the vicinity to guarantee seamless connectivity for your guests’ devices. And to share the code either, leave it in the room on a piece of paper or provide a QR code that when scanned, will immediately get them online.

Charging stations. Offer your guests the convenience of wireless charging stations and/or lots of charging ports and leads. These can be built into bedside tables or integrated into lamps.

Smart blinds or curtains. Automated blinds or curtains can be an elegant addition to your guest room. Smart window treatments can be controlled with a smartphone or voice commands, allowing your guests to adjust the lighting and privacy as needed.

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